Sing With Us!

Unlike other ensembles, we don’t have a set roster of singers. For each project our Artistic Director, Andy Jensen, recruits an ensemble from a list of qualified singers. To get on that list you’ll need to complete an audition. No singer is guaranteed inclusion on a set number of projects, but they are also free to say no to invitations without losing access to future events. We don’t know of any other ensemble with this model, so please contact us at if you have any questions.

When you’re ready, complete the online Audition Form and we’ll contact you to schedule an audition.

Auditions typically take 20-30 minutes and include:

  • Perform 1 solo vocal/piano piece (pianist provided). It can be in any language and doesn’t need to be exceptionally long or elaborate. We just want to hear the quality of your voice and demonstrate your musicianship.
  • Vocal exercises to access range.
  • Sight reading exercises to access music literacy and rate of improvement/retention.